Title: Why'd You Only Call Me WHen You're High?
Artist: Arctic Monkeys


Arctic Monkey’s // Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

ChisenhallAL: Thank u @Harry_Styles for making this all happen for me & @Christinekozlo & also making my sisters @Shelbymmorgann nite





Harry said he’s gonna get an “online thing so I can be the priest”


social media is destroying our planet! no one talks to each other. people’s mouths are shrinking and vanishing. yesterday i sent a text message and a nearby tree fell over and instantly died. a sinkhole opened up because of all the time we wasted on youtube


Jack Falahee photographed by Nicholas Maggio for Out Magazine

Ficlet: Lucky


Title: Lucky

Summary: Blaine needs a little help and Kurt is there. That’s how it all starts.

A/N: Birthday ficlet for Cate! Okay, so her birthday was last week, but I am a slow writer right now. Sorry, honey! I hope you still enjoy this! <3

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